by Danilo Pasquali


Milan - Berlin

Spank thru

There are often times when I feel compelled to physically discipline my wife with a severe spanking. I feel it's my duty, despite causing her significant discomfort, however brief. The pain, can lead to a profound release of tension for her, and an overall sensation of ease and satisfaction afterward. This experience, for me, underscores the body's ability to interpret certain types of pain as beneficial. Receiving a spanking by my hand brigs her to an enhanced sense of bodily awareness and emotional fulfillment, and I find this duality illustrates the fascinating ways in which our bodies and minds can perceive and reinterpret sensations. Wife spanking beautifully blurs the lines between discomfort and pleasure in pursuit of balance and well-being.

My wife's capacity to find pleasure in a very painful spanking reflects the interplay between her biological imperatives and psychological resilience. This transformative ability of hers brings a type of healing not only for her but also between us. It was, after all, a rupture between us that she created, and therefore must heal by showing penitence, especially in her submission to my rule.